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Enjoy Every Sports Season with a New Home Theater System

A Few Tips on How to Get Ready For the Big Game

Enjoy Every Sports Season with a New Home Theater System


What is your favorite sport to watch? Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball or even tennis we can at least all agree that the game is so much better when it’s shining brightly on a big screen with crystal clear sound. Maybe you’ve been thinking for some time about installing a new home theater system for your home in the Meredith, New Hampshire area, or you still aren’t sure if the upgrade is worth it. We have a few tips for you and some suggestions when it comes to getting ready for some of the biggest sports games of 2016. 



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Choose a Channel That Suits Your Style

Typically a home theater includes a surround sound system where your speakers are placed behind, beside, above, and in front of you in the room. However, home theater systems are not one-size-fits-all. The type of system depends on the size of your room and what you are going to use it for. If your room is multi-functional, then you can be more modest with your speakers and place two quality loudspeakers at the front of the room next to your TV and one subwoofer to give it extra base. You could also buy one quality soundbar that combines both stereo and bass in one. But if the area is going to be fully dedicated to enjoying entertainment like movies, sports games, and video games, then it’s best to go all out and pick a 5.1 or 9.2 channel audio system. With surround sound, you’ll feel like you are in the stadium, hear the crowds cheering around you and the announcer overhead. Your friends and family will be immersed in the game, blocking out any distractions. If you still can’t make up your mind as to what you really want and need, our team can always help give you recommendations to make that room extra special and perfect for game day.

Hang a Flat-screen TV Worthy of the Super Bowl

Imagine bringing all of your friends, family, and fans together for the Super Bowl 50 or March Madness games in a dedicated home theater with a large flat-screen TV or HD projector and screen. But which one do you pick? How many TVs or screens do you want to display? Do you like listening to the radio while you watch? It’s important to decide what kind of arrangement you want ahead of time.

Multiple TVs give you the option of playing different channels at once. You could play the Super Bowl 50 on the main screen and an ESPN talk show on another. If you don’t have the space or time to construct a dedicated room for a theater, and all you want is a huge picture, Tailor-Made AV can install a projector and screen in your home so that it can appear with the press of one button.

A high-definition Samsung TV or Vivitek projector is always a great choice for a system, but you could upgrade and go 4K too. Currently, reports show that the Super Bowl will not be broadcast in 4K, but watching a sports game in HD on a 4K screen still looks better than one in 1080p because it has up-scaling technology. The colors, brightness, and clarity will always be better on a 4K set.

And don’t forget, it’s not too early to start thinking about outdoor entertainment systems. Drinking an ice-cold beer by the pool while watching some summer baseball is not all that far away and we can help you get started now by designing the ultimate outdoor area for entertaining—just in time for the first swing of the season.

Are you excited for a new year of sports games? Cheer on your favorite team in your own custom home theater by filling out this online form on our website.


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