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Articles tagged with: Video Conferencing System

How to Set up the Perfect Video Conferencing System

Tailor-Made Audio + Video Upgrades the Technology in Your Massachusetts Office

How to Set up the Perfect Video Conferencing System


With many businesses spanning across multiple time zones and technology allowing more employees to work from home, video conferencing systems have become one of the most important components of any office. In an environment where communication and collaboration is meant to thrive, why waste time struggling with old technology? Crafting the right video conferencing system is essential for streamlining communication within the company and creating a lasting first impression with clients. The professional integrators at Tailor-Made Audio and Video can help you design a perfect environment with these following tips in mind:


TAGS: Control System | High-Quality Audio | video conferencing system | visual displays

How to Run an Effective Meeting with a Video Conferencing System

We’re helping New Hampshire Businesses Succeed

How to Run an Effective Meeting with a Video Conferencing System

It’s a common scenario: you have a 2 p.m. meeting with your team, but your phone call with a client goes longer than expected. As soon as you hang up the phone, you rush into the conference room where colleagues and are already seated. By the time everyone is present, it’s 2:05, then you spend 15 minutes trying to set up the video chat, but you can’t seem to get it to work. Meanwhile your remote team members are waiting, and precious time is being wasted. By the time you have everyone ready and on the line its 2:30, and now the entire day’s schedule is behind.

TAGS: audiovisual automation | conference room automation | conference room technology | Video Conferencing System