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Articles tagged with: 4K UHD TVs

Decoding 4K

Making sense of all these letters!

Decoding 4K

4K, UHD, HDR…Practically every television you see an ad for, or find on a store shelf has these letters scrawled across it in bold, eye catching print. The young guy or gal working the electronics section of your local big box retailer tells you it is “way better” than the large flat panel you bought just a few years ago. Sounds like a really good script read to increase sales, doesn’t it? Well, the funny thing about sales pitches, is that there is usually at least enough contained within to convince people to not just buy it, but keep it. So with that in mind, let’s delve into the world of video beyond High Definition, sift through all of the buzzwords, and figure out if getting a newer TV is right for you.

TAGS: 4k | 4K UHD TVs | HDR

4K Trend Report

What You Need for 4K Picture in a Home Theater

4K Trend Report


In the world of smart home automation and integration, technology is always rapidly changing. In the home theater system market specifically, 4K, or Ultra HD, has been the trend. Visit your local movie store in the Chestnut Hill area and you’ll notice 4K movies are starting to pop up in the aisles. But did you know a good movie-watching experience takes more than just installing a 4K TV? There are other factors to consider. Here is the latest news. 


TAGS: 4k | 4K UHD TVs

3 Home Theater Trends to Follow this Fall

How to Update Your Winchester Home with Custom Audio Video

3 Home Theater Trends to Follow this Fall


An entire year is almost over and so much has happened in the home theater world. We’re seeing some rapid changes and we are excited to share them with you today in this blog. Whether you already have a home theater system, need an update, or a brand new installation, we hope you read this article to learn about what is coming your way this fall.


TAGS: 4K UHD TVs | home theater systems

What 4K Content is Available Right Now?

Play 4K Movies and Games in Your Massachusetts Home Theater

What 4K Content is Available Right Now?

Although UHD technology has been around for quite some time now, it has taken years for content to be produced and released for the general public. Stores pushed 4K TVs this past Christmas and sales continue to rise. If you have purchased a 4K TV or projector, or are thinking about buying one you should definitely read this guide to finding content. Here's what is available right now for your 4K Home Theater in Newton, Massachusetts.

TAGS: 4k | 4K UHD TVs | smart home automation | Streaming Content