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How to Set up the Perfect Video Conferencing System

Tailor-Made Audio + Video Upgrades the Technology in Your Massachusetts Office

How to Set up the Perfect Video Conferencing System


With many businesses spanning across multiple time zones and technology allowing more employees to work from home, video conferencing systems have become one of the most important components of any office. In an environment where communication and collaboration is meant to thrive, why waste time struggling with old technology? Crafting the right video conferencing system is essential for streamlining communication within the company and creating a lasting first impression with clients. The professional integrators at Tailor-Made Audio and Video can help you design a perfect environment with these following tips in mind:



Choose between a flat screen and projector

There are two preferred options when it comes to your visual display: an LCD flat screen TV or a projector and screen. A projector can create a larger video display and usually comes at a lower cost, but projector screens can be very sensitive to light. Some products like Epson’s short-throw projectors and wall mounts can help reduce some of the glare from indoor or outdoor lights. On the other hand, you can go with an NEC LCD flat screen TV with glare defense and HD image capabilities.   

Invest in High-Quality Audio

Make sure there is no miscommunication during meetings with quality sound in your video conferencing system. It all begins with the right placement of microphones to avoid distorted sounds or feedback. Make sure incoming calls are just as crisp with expertly laid out speakers from Monitor Audio that offer Hi-Fi sound without intruding on the décor of your conference room. Speaking of the décor, using softer materials such as carpet and draperies helps to keep sound waves from bouncing off hard materials and creating an echo or distortion.

Get the Ultimate Control System

Often the biggest challenge during a video conference is making the technology all works together. We can create a custom system that gives you full control of your visual display, audio, phones, lights and even the temperature using a tablet, smartphone or touchpad. You can even create pre-set scenes to avoid fumbling with settings right before an important call or presentation. Simply press your saved “Conference” scene and the lights dim, shades close and your screen turns on and changes to its conference setting. All you have to do is dial the phone number and you’re ready to go.

Build a Strong Network

All your technology upgrades won’t work unless you have the right network installed. With a strong network, you don’t have to worry about calls not coming through or images and sound lagging in the middle of a presentation. We create well-engineered solutions that work efficiently and consistently. We also ensure your network is secure enough to avoid any data breaches during conference calls.

Do you want to create a lasting impression for clients while increasing collaboration within the workplace? Contact us today and we’ll install a custom video conferencing system in your office. 


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