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Articles tagged with: smart home automation

How to Update Your Massachusetts Home with Control4

Enjoy These New Smart Home Features

How to Update Your Massachusetts Home with Control4

For over ten years, Control4 has been providing smart home controls to families across America and all over the world. Their systems are easy to use yet sophisticated—meeting a variety of needs at home. Recently, they upgraded their interface and created new products to meet the growing demands of families, and also be more relevant for today’s culture.

If you already have a Control4 system in your Winchester-area home and want to know what’s new, or are interested in installing smart home automation for the first time, this blog will be a great resource for you.

TAGS: 4k | Control4 | smart home automation | video intercom

The Best Remote for Your Home Theater

Simplify Your Home Entertainment with Control4

The Best Remote for Your Home Theater

Tablets and smartphones are popular devices for control today, and these products are staples of many smart homes since you can easily open an app on the device and select the feature you want to enjoy. However, that doesn’t mean that remotes have gone out of style. On the contrary, many people still prefer using a remote and pushing buttons instead of swiping a touch screen. Having multiple, different remotes, however, IS out of style. Not only is having multiple remotes confusing for everyone, but it clutters up your home. Our partner Control4 offers a universal remote that you can use in your home theater in the Andover, Massachusetts area, and even control other parts of your home. Keep reading to learn more. 

TAGS: Control4 | Home Theater | smart home automation | Universal Remote

Lock Your Home and Throw Away the Key with Automated Door Locks

Use Smart Home Automation to Keep Your Portsmouth Home Safe

Lock Your Home and Throw Away the Key with Automated Door Locks


As a Control4 dealer in the area of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we have a good understanding of what families need and love when it comes to home technology. Lighting control, surveillance cameras, and home theater systems are incredibly popular. However, one feature that hasn’t received as much buzz is smart locks. With so many amazing smart home automation solutions from Control4, we don’t want you to miss out on the advantages of a keyless entry system. Here are the top benefits of automated door locks.


TAGS: Automated Door Locks | Control4 | Keyless Entry System | smart home automation | Smart Locks

Home Theater Essentials: Video Streaming Sources

Expand Your Options, Simplify Your Controls

Home Theater Essentials: Video Streaming Sources

If you look at how video technology has evolved over the past century, or even the past five years, you’ll see a dramatic difference. TVs have gone from large boxes to flat panels, and picture has gone from fuzzy black and white to crisp and colorful images. Along with those changes in devices is the way we view and access content. Now there are so many different video platforms available – so much so it can get confusing. In this blog we are going to cover what video streaming is and what the best ways are to access online content in your home theater in Bedford, New Hampshire.

TAGS: smart home automation | smart home theater | video streaming