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Articles tagged with: Home Networking

The Newest Home Utility

The backbone of a good system

The Newest Home Utility

You get home from work, and get settled in. You take a moment to check your smart phone to see what your friends have been up to lately on Facebook or Instagram. You sit down at the TV, turn it on, and start watching the next episode of your show, on demand. You get a text message from your boss, asking for an email you swore you had sent before you left for the day. One of the kids is complaining because Netflix isn’t working on their tablet. You get out your company laptop to check for the email, while your kids loudly explain how they don’t have anything to do without being able to get to Youtube or Netflix. You see the email on your laptop, but it wasn’t sent. You try in vain to send it, but your laptop refuses to connect to the internet. Your network is down. Again.

TAGS: Home Networking | Internet Service Providers | music streaming | Streaming Content | Utility | video streaming | Wi-Fi

The Secret Ingredient in a Massachusetts Smart Home

What is the backbone of a smart home automation system?

The Secret Ingredient in a Massachusetts Smart Home

You may wonder, 'what is the secret to installing the very best smart home automation system?' The answer doesn't lie in what brands you use or the installer – although those do make a significant impact. The true secret to an effective smart home is the network. The reasoning is that in order to live a connected lifestyle, you need strong connections established in your Andover, Massachusetts home. Without it, every other aspect falls apart. Your Internet connection is the backbone of the smart home. But exactly how do you achieve a network that will support a sophisticated integration system? Continue reading to learn exactly what our home networking services entail.

TAGS: Home Networking | smart home automation | Wireless Network