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Why You Should Make Your New Home a Smart Home

Tailor-Made Audio + Video Can Add Automation to Your New Construction Project in Massachusetts

Why You Should Make Your New Home a Smart Home


If you are thinking about building a new home, or are in the midst of a new construction project then you should consider incorporating smart home technology into the design.

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Here are our top three reasons why:

1.      Increase the Value of Your Property

According to a 2015 survey done by Better Homes and Gardens, 64 percent of millennials believe that smart technology is a good investment in their home, and more than half of U.S. women feel that it makes their home safer and more enjoyable. With the Internet of Things on the rise, more families are interested in upgrading to a smart home—whether it be by building a new house or renovating a current property. If you add smart technology to your new home now, it will be well worth the investment down the road.

2.      Extend the Longevity and Relevancy of Your House

You need to make sure your new house has the proper structural foundations, but does it have the right audio, video, and network foundations to support the current technology as well as the gadgets of the future? We live in a super-connected society—one that is online all the time. By installing the proper wiring, you’ll support all of the devices in your home—from distributed audio and video to lighting controls and surveillance systems. Installing the most up-to-date infrastructure in your new home will make it reliable and relevant for future generations. Even if the technology does change years down the road, you will be able to easily update it in a connected home.

3.      Enjoy Added Benefits For Your Lifestyle

We’ve talked about the benefits of luring future homebuyers and prepping your home for future generations…but what about your own personal benefit? Smart home technology is convenient and can greatly enhance your lifestyle. You’ll be able to control every room and every feature easily on a smartphone or tablet, as well as prepare your spaces for any occasion with one touch. Customize your settings with the swipe of your finger and save them for future use. You’ll find that a smart home will make your hectic schedule easier to manage and will simplify a lot of your activities. Who wouldn’t want that in their new dream home?

Are you ready to truly make your new home a dream home? Fill out our online form and let us know when you are planning to build your new home. We’ve love to help you get it ready for that special move-in day and transform it into the home of the future.


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