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Transform Your New England Family Room into the Ultimate Entertainment Space

Tailor-Made Audio and Video Can Design a Home Theater or Media Room Just for You

Transform Your New England Family Room into the Ultimate Entertainment Space


Family rooms are typically the most comfortable space within a home where families gather to relax, entertain, or simply hang out together. What if you could transform this space to accommodate all the activities your family engages in, and control the various features and systems of the room using a single remote? At Tailor-Made Audio and Video, media room design is our forte’, whether you live in New Hampshire or Massachusetts.

Are you interested in transforming your family room or multipurpose space into a custom home theater or fully automated entertainment area? Here are some things to consider when planning for your space.



The Right Type of Seating

When designing a media room, keep in mind that these spaces are typically for more than just watching movies. Flexible seating options that encourage conversation, but can also be shifted to face a TV or screen will make the viewing experience enjoyable for everyone. Consider choosing furniture like comfy sofas, oversized recliners, and inviting loveseats.

Technology that Meets Your Personal Preference

The screen in your media room or home theater should be large enough that everyone in the space can view it from a good angle. We offer a variety of options from 4K UHD TVs to projector and screen setups for a more cinematic experience. With regards to sound, we recommend high-quality surround sound for a soul-shaking experience whether you’re watching a movie or playing video games.

Access to Content

A TV and DVD player may no longer be enough when it comes to your audiovisual needs. The ability to stream movies and music from the Internet has become a must-have for many homes. The experts at Tailor-Made provide a reliable infrastructure to serve as the backbone of your media system. We also take into consideration factors such as: ‘Will the room need to be rewired? How will you hide the technology components necessary to access all your content?’

Sound Décor

Consider adding carpeting or window treatments that will help absorb reflections from the sound system. When working with a professional integrator for your media room or home theater installation, you’ll quickly learn about the option to hide much of the technology that runs your media room, allowing your home’s décor to be the topic of conversation.

Regardless of whether you desire a custom home theater build or a media room that doubles as a play area, the team at Tailor-Made will pair you with the equipment best suited for your needs. Bring your family together and let Tailor-Made Audio and Video transform your under-used space into an entertainment hub. Whether you’re in Boston, Massachusetts or Salem, New Hampshire; we are only a click away.


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