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The Top Benefits of Integrated Building Controls

Expand Your Business with Smart Audio/Video and Automation

The Top Benefits of Integrated Building Controls

If you own a hotel or run a successful restaurant and bar in Manchester, New Hampshire, it’s up to you to make sure the business is profitable and cuts down on costs—whether that relates to energy usage or other monthly expenses. Up until recent years, business owners have managed their facilities with systems that operated as standalone entities, meaning the heating/cooling system, security, and lighting were all controlled separately. However, this old way of doing things is being transformed with commercial audio video and automation. Owners and managers are investing in more integrated approaches as a means to save energy and maintenance costs. Whether you are building a new business from the ground up or are renovating an existing one, integrated building controls and professional audio video system can expand your company and make the most of every penny you spend. Keep reading to learn about the main benefits of updating your building with our new technologies.

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Save Energy with Automated Lighting

Have you ever walked by a brightly lit building in downtown Manchester and not seen a soul inside? There could be one person cleaning the offices, but do all the lights need to be on? Motion sensors and timers can help manage the lights so that energy is never wasted. For example, as soon as the cleaning staff walks into one room, the lights turn on, and they turn off as soon as they leave. If no one is scheduled for the evening, the last person to clock out can hit one button on the front door and trigger the building to go into an energy-saving mode. The thermostat will adjust, all the lights will turn off except a few flood lights outside, and the security system will activate.  

Increase Savings with Monitoring Systems

How do you know if you’re wasting electricity? What areas could use improvement? If you’re looking to cut costs, an energy management system is a crucial first step. Lighting, HVAC, electrical systems, and any device using energy can be monitored and managed with our integrated systems. A building automation system not only monitors and controls, but it also regulates the performance of various facility functions. You can analyze the results and make changes, but your system also has the ability to improve performance on its own. In other words, the system learns who uses what rooms at what times so it can adjust to the needs of the staff.

Improve the Comfort of Your Staff and Customers using Integrated Controls

There’s a delicate balance of cutting back to make the most of your company’s profits and also making everyone happy too. If you have a sports bar, for example, you could benefit from an integrated system that can easily change the TV channel, radio station, or temperature for your guests. Using one easy-to-use control, you can access every aspect of the building to make your customers comfortable and also meet your monthly budget. Once you have all of these features in place, like a 4K TV or multi-room audio system, you need the right controls to get the most out of them. Tailor-Made Audio Video will be able to train you on how to use the system effectively to satisfy each person who walks through the door and still cut back on monthly expenses. We can confidently say that your business will be more productive and simpler to operate when all your technology and subsystems work together with easy user control.

If you think you could benefit from integrated building controls, contact us online. We’ll design a system that meets all of your needs. 

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