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The Perfect Home Theater for the Gamer

3 Ways to Tailor Your Theater System for Video Games

The Perfect Home Theater for the Gamer

Discussions around home theater systems seem to always revolve around movies, but what if you are a gamer? There’s a way to customize your gaming room in the Brookline, MA area so that you can enjoy beautiful 4K picture, surround sound, and even invite your friends over for a long gaming session. Here are three things to keep in mind when hiring an AV professional to install your system for playing video games. 

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Multi-screen Views and Surround Sound

Games like Mario Kart or Fallout 4 are perfect for multi-screen mode. We can create a video wall in your media room so that each player’s view is displayed on a different TV. Video walls can also display one image on all of the screens at once for those times you are playing by yourself. Multiple TV screens give you the ability to configure the views in multiple ways, whether you are alone, battling four people or one.

Surround sound systems also make your gaming experience more intense and realistic. Some new games like Star Wars Battlefront are Dolby Atmos compatible and work with 3D audio systems. If you enjoy watching movies in surround sound, we’re sure you’ll love playing games with it as well.

Create Custom Gaming Scenes

We can tailor your media room with custom gaming “scenes” and include them on a simple control keypad for quick access. Press “video games” and the shades come down, the lights dim, your game console turns on and the audio turns up the volume. And since Control4 Keypads have 1-6 LED backlit engraved buttons with four different sizes that allow for a total of 38 possible configurations, you can create multiple scenes if you choose. Press “break” to answer the door or get some snacks and then pick up where you left off.

Make a Pause Button

When you are in the middle of an intense gaming session it can be easy to tune everything out and ignore what is happening in the real world. After all, you’re a rebel pilot trying to shoot down an AT-AT Walker.  You don’t have time to talk. But there are times when you actually need to pause your Star Wars Battlefront and answer the door or the phone. With a Control4 smart home system, you can tie your doorbell to the lights so you know when your friend is at the door. A Control4 Tabletop Touch Screen will instantly show you who it is, and then you can choose to talk to them through the intercom or ignore the person altogether. If it is someone you are expecting, just press the “Front Door” button to let them in, and have it automatically lock behind them as they head to the game room to join you. We can integrate your telephone as well to jolt you out of the Star Wars universe.

Want to enhance you gaming sessions with any of these features? We have even more suggestions on how to create the perfect environment in your Massachusetts home. Contact us to learn more about it.

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