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Personalize Your New Hampshire Home With Control4

Wake Up and Say Goodnight With These Smart Home Solutions

Personalize Your New Hampshire Home With Control4

Have you ever wondered what it's really like to live in a smart home? Maybe you think it's all about "The Internet of Things" like having a refrigerator that tells you you're out of milk or a washing machine that talks to you. But smart home automation is really more simple than that. It's all about simplifying your lifestyle and making those daily mundane tasks faster and easier to manage. In this blog we'll illustrate what a typical day is like in the life of a family with a Control4 smart home automation system in the Bedford, New Hampshire area.

Good Morning

Imagine waking up to the sound of your favorite song, the shades quietly lifting to allow the bright sun into your bedroom, and the smell of coffee drifting up the stairs. As you get out of bed, the mirror TV in your bathroom turns on the morning news. As you walk downstairs to the kitchen to get your cup of joe, the lights turn on and lighten your path. When you get to the main floor, all the shades have gone up and you check in on the kids as they get ready for school using the intercom in the kitchen. You see video footage of your kids brushing their teeth and tell them breakfast will be ready in 20 minutes. This is a typical day in a smart home. Your house has been programmed to wake you up every day using music and light. Of course at any time, you can change the playlist and the time this sequence occurs. Name it "Good Morning" or "Daily Grind" it's all up to you using your customized control interface.

Party Time

Maybe you are one of those people who work hard and equally play hard. If you are, then planning parties with friends and family is the most fun part of having a smart home. This time of year, families can spend more time outside for barbecues, pool parties and late-night cocktails. Create fun scenes using your smart home system by selecting a music playlist, lighting level, and temperature for the pool or hot tub outside. Control your outdoor music system and TVs using your smartphone or tablet. Hit "pool party" and your backyard immediately transforms into party central. Landscape lighting will allow you to have fun late into the evening.


When you are tired and ready for bed, the last thing you want to do is run around the house turning off lights, closing the drapes, adjusting the thermostat and making sure none of your other electronics were left on. What if you could do all of that by pressing one button? The "Goodnight" scene is a wonderful way to end your day. Get in bed, pick up your phone and hit a button so that your whole house goes to sleep. It's that easy.

Now that you can picture what's it's like to live in a smart home, why not give us a call? We can install smart home automation that mirrors your daily lifestyle. Get started by filling out this online form.

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