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How to Incorporate Smart Automation into Your Restaurant or Bar

Automate Your Massachusetts Business and Reap Amazing Benefits

How to Incorporate Smart Automation into Your Restaurant or Bar

The fall season is well on its way, and in the restaurant industry that means business can get busy. It’s important to make the best impression on your customers so they return, and one of the biggest opportunities you have is with new technology. Today, people are impressed with and even expect you to have the newest building automation, like smart gadgets and TVs, in Massachusetts.

Here are our top three recommendations to keep your customers coming back to your bar or restaurant in the Boston, MA area and attract a few new ones too.

Automate Everything

The more you automate the better. Not only will your customers be impressed by your new smart technology, but it will also help make your business run easier and faster. Old point of sale systems often suffer from slow speeds and confusing interfaces and can make it difficult for your staff to make sales. Give your wait staff tablets to take orders on, make notes, run credit cards and also adjust the lights and TVs. So if a customer complains the restaurant is too cold, or the music is too loud, all he or she has to do is hit a button right in front of them and make the change. As a manager, you’ll also be able to monitor all of the activity in the building with surveillance camera videos on your mobile device, and enable the security system or turn off lights when you aren’t even there! In this fast-paced industry, it’s crucial to have high-functioning technology at your side to address every issue or need.

Impress Visitors with Premium Audiovisuals

Flat screen televisions and integrated music systems are must-haves in restaurants and bars. Simplify your life and control multiple TVs and speakers with custom audiovisual technology solutions. Whether you’ve got Boston Red Sox or New England Patriots fans in the house, all can enjoy watching their teams play. If you want the biggest and best in tech, get 4K UHD TVs. They have four times the picture resolution as HD screens and more vivid colors.

When it comes to audio, our team can conceal all of the speakers so your guests hear and don’t see the sound. Mobile controls also provide a fast and easy solution for changing channels, stations, or playlists. To satisfy certain clients who don’t want the music or TV blasting loudly, we can create multiple zones of audio so you can reduce the volume in each area without disturbing others.

Wireless Internet Access

Providing your patrons with an Internet connection can enhance your business, causing customers to purchase more items, stay longer, and return knowing they have access to a Wi-Fi connection. We’ll ensure your network is reliable and easy to use so customers can get their work done, whether they just stay for a coffee, cocktail or whole meal.

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