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Give an Effective Presentation with Commercial Audio Video

Use These Tech Tools to Make a Big Impact

Give an Effective Presentation with Commercial Audio Video


Public speaking is one of the greatest fears people have, but there are many technological tools you can use to make a big impact during your next presentation at the office. Commercial audio video systems are helpful when you are preparing for a speech, presentation, or discussion in your Burlington, MA business. Tailor-Made Audio Video can help you succeed by giving you these easy-to-use controls and high-quality audio video products. Keep reading to learn more!



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Be Heard Loud and Clear with Microphone Systems

Without a microphone system, your audience might have trouble hearing your message. Some people can tend to be soft-spoken, and equally some individuals talk very loud. Our professional microphone systems will help you and your team communicate clearly – no matter what your natural tone is. We have easy-to-use controls that allow you to adjust the volume to an appropriate level. Also, consider that some people like to move around when they talk and engage the audience. A wireless microphone makes it easier for the person presenting to walk around the room comfortably, use hand gestures and answer questions. Our wireless microphones come in headsets, handhelds, and tabletops so you have options. Wear the microphone on your shirt, keep the microphone in your hand, or place it on the podium. You’ll also be able to record the speech, broadcast it to remote listeners, and stream the audio to different rooms in your building. Tailor-Made Audio Video will connect the microphone system to your room’s controls to make it easier to set up and manage as well.

Make a Big Impact with Stellar Screens

Audiovisuals help keep your audience attentive. Add videos, images, and music to your presentation and everyone will not only pay more attention to you, but also remember what you have to say. We partner with Da-Lite and Vivitek to help you get your point across visually. Install a Da-Lite screen and Vivitek HD or 4K projector, then mount the screen on the wall so you can easily lift and lower it when you need to – saving valuable wall space. We also have special mounts to keep screens and projectors hidden so you can keep the room looking clean and organized. We also have high performance, low maintenance laser projectors for high ambient light conditions.

For audio, we’ll install in-ceiling speakers to keep those components out of the way too. They’ll sound incredible, but you won’t even notice they are there. With our integration expertise, you’ll be able to hit one button and be ready to present any image or video you need to.

Look Organized with Simple Controls

Once you have your audio and video set up, make sure your environment is conducive for the occasion. Add motorized shades to the room to prevent your audience from squinting their eyes and seeing glare on the screen due to the sun. Use climate controls to pick a comfortable temperature that won’t be distracting, and make use of automated lighting to dim the room when it’s time to show a video or PowerPoint presentation. When you are the focus of the room and the star of the show, it’s crucial to have all the controls at your fingertips. With automation technology, you’ll appear confident, knowledgeable, and prepared.

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