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Get Your Manchester Store Ready for the Holidays with Commercial Audio Video

Use Audio/Video, Lighting, and Automation to Attract Shoppers

Get Your Manchester Store Ready for the Holidays with Commercial Audio Video

In the retail industry, the last couple months of the year are the most crucial. Businesses count on it to bring in the most sales during the holiday season. Just like the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, the stakes are high and the fight is intense. To win against your competitors, you need to stand out and use cutting-edge technology to attract customers. In this blog, we have three ways you can use our commercial audio video services in your Manchester, NH retail store to achieve success during the holidays.

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Stream & Schedule Themed Playlists

The music you play in your store can affect the mood of shoppers. Slow beats and soft tunes will soothe your shoppers and help them relax as they browse your merchandise. Fast songs with upbeat tempos, like Hark How the Bells, will quicken their steps possibly encourage them to get their shopping list done faster instead of browsing for hours. Tailor-Made AV’s music systems allow staff to create themed playlists and schedule them for specific times. Play romantic, slow songs in the morning and faster ones on Christmas Eve to match the tone. If you notice the customers aren’t feeling the music, you can quickly and easily change it with a mobile device. Another way to affect the tone of your store is to play different music in separate areas. Tailor your playlist to men in the men’s clothing section and female-friendly songs in the women’s department. 

Incorporate Lighting into Your Sales Planning

One of the most effective tips we can give you is pay close attention to your lighting settings. Not only do bright lights energize people, but they also liven the mood and highlight your sparking merchandise. Also make sure you are using the right type of light. Use a soft white instead of a plain white to go easy on your clients’ eyes and invest in smart LEDs instead of the cheaper light bulbs which can give you headaches. You can use dimmers to alert customers to specials, events, or when it’s time to close the store. Lower the lights to let them know they have 15 minutes left to make a final purchase. 


Feature Special Items with Digital Signage

Digital signs give your team the ability to easily change your promotions and communications at a moment’s notice. They also allow you to display static images, text, and video. We live in an image-based society today, and people respond stronger to images and video than just words. Tailor-Made AV can install a digital sign that displays your eye-catching promotions and fun videos to encourage window shoppers to come inside your store and look at the merchandise.

 Video walls or displays also help add to your seasonal décor. Place a large screen (or multiple together) near the Christmas tree to show off your products, sales and other information. Everyone loves to look at the beautiful tree this time of year, so take advantage by adding some more beauty and sending your customers a clear message. 

To get your store ready for the holiday season, fill out this online form and let us know what you need – whether it’s custom lighting, video, or audio.

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