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3 Ways to Increase Sales in Your Burlington, Massachusetts Store

Meet Your Goals in 2016 by Installing Commercial Audio Video

3 Ways to Increase Sales in Your Burlington, Massachusetts Store


What are you goals for 2016? We’re sure you want your business to thrive and have already spent time planning out the year ahead. But have you given thought to adding new audio video technology to your store in Burlington, Massachusetts? Commercial audio video can help attract new customers, keep them in your place of business longer, and also impress important clientele. Here are our three recommendations for improving your retail business with technology in 2016. 



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$11.     Install Digital Signs and Video Displays to Increase Sales

When you have a digital sign, instead of a traditional one, you can easily change an ad and scroll images, text, or video. The fact is that we live in an image-based world now, and customers respond more positively to images and video than static text. The team at Tailor-Made Audio Video can install a digital sign that displays your promotions and upbeat videos to encourage window shoppers to come inside your store and browse your merchandise. Place a large screen (or multiple screens) to show off your products, sales and other information.

$12.     Use Smart Controls to Easily Stream Music Throughout Your Store

Do you think it would make a big difference in your store if you didn’t play music? Most business owners make it a priority to play the radio or specific playlists to entertain and influence shoppers. Now you can easily select songs and manage the volume with a distributed audio system. Open an app on a tablet, smartphone, or touch screen device and select from a variety of wireless sources like Pandora, Spotify, XM Radio, and MP3 files. By separating sections of audio throughout the store, you can also play different music in every corner of the building. For example, customize your playlist to men in the men’s clothing section, and female-friendly songs in the women’s department.

$13.     Prioritize the Lighting Design

One of the best tips we can give you is that brighter is better. Not only do bright lights energize people, but they also liven the mood and highlight featured merchandise. No one wants to enter a store that looks and feels like a dungeon. At the same time, the quality of your lights matter. Use a soft white instead of a plain white to go easy on customers’ eyes. Also, invest in smart LEDs instead of the cheaper light bulbs which can give people headaches. You can also use dimmers to alert customers to specials, events, or when it’s time to close the store. Lower the lights to let them know they have 15 minutes left to make a final purchase. You’ll be able to control the lighting levels of every area in one convenient location on a wireless mobile device.

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