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Articles in Category: Whole House Audio

Listen to High-Resolution Music with the New Triad One Streaming Amp

See What is New From Your Whole House Audio Expert

Listen to High-Resolution Music with the New Triad One Streaming Amp

 We got to see a lot of new and exciting products this year at CEDIA—the annual conference on home technology. One particular highlight is great news for audiophiles. Control4 announced a suite of high-resolution, multi-room audio hardware under Triad—their newly acquired audio brand. Keep reading this blog to learn more about this new whole house music product.

TAGS: Control4 | Smart Speakers | Triad

New Features Sonos Users Will Love

Sonos Adds Amazon Alexa and Dot Integrations and New App Features

New Features Sonos Users Will Love

Sonos has been a leader in whole house audio systems for years, and many loyal users depend on the system to play all of their favorite streaming sources and also connect all of their speakers throughout the house. For smart home owners in the Brookline, MA area, that means that not only can they expand their music collection by using hundreds of different music channels, but it also means they can listen to music wirelessly throughout the house. Recently, Sonos announced news about two key features: full Spotify support and full integration with Amazon’s Echo and Dot speakers. Continue reading to learn more.

TAGS: smart home automation | Sonos Wireless Music Systems

Picking a Music Source

Should I Use MP3s, CDs, or Vinyl?

Picking a Music Source


Do you know the difference between the audio quality of CDs, MP3s, and records? Both audiophiles and average music-lovers should be aware of the type of source they are plugging into their speakers. Taking the time to consider your music source is an integral aspect to setting up a whole house audio system in your Brookline, MA home. Unfortunately you can’t only rely on a pair of high-quality speakers. You need both a good source and good equipment to produce amazing sound. Use this blog as your expert guide to choosing the right music source.


TAGS: Audio Systems | smart home automation

How to Perfect Your Backyard Audio

Tips for Listening to Music Outdoors in Newton, MA

How to Perfect Your Backyard Audio


It’s exciting to start thinking about spring; once the snow melts and it gets warm enough, there’s nothing better than sitting outside and enjoying the weather with a nice soundtrack. However, it’s not as enjoyable when your small outdoor speaker sounds off and doesn’t fill your outdoor space. If you love entertaining friends and family outside at your home in Chestnut Hill, or just enjoy laying out in the sun with some music tunes, then keep reading this article. A whole house music system will help you achieve perfect acoustics in your backyard. Keep reading to see our tips for how to get started.


TAGS: Outdoor AV | Outdoor Music