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Residential indoor and outdoor Televisons and Panels.


Why are they charging more for one letter?


You’re walking through the Television section of your preferred electronics retailer, and you see two TVs side by side. They are the exact same size, even the same brand, and both are Ultra-High Definition TVs. But one single letter really sets them apart…as does a several hundred-dollar price tag. What’s the big to-do about OLED that has enthusiasts in a tizzy, and retailers throwing around that buzzword like it’s the best thing since Netflix? Let’s look under the hood and figure out what’s so great about OLED.


Decoding 4K

Making sense of all these letters!

Decoding 4K

4K, UHD, HDR…Practically every television you see an ad for, or find on a store shelf has these letters scrawled across it in bold, eye catching print. The young guy or gal working the electronics section of your local big box retailer tells you it is “way better” than the large flat panel you bought just a few years ago. Sounds like a really good script read to increase sales, doesn’t it? Well, the funny thing about sales pitches, is that there is usually at least enough contained within to convince people to not just buy it, but keep it. So with that in mind, let’s delve into the world of video beyond High Definition, sift through all of the buzzwords, and figure out if getting a newer TV is right for you.

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