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Home Automation

Why does my home need to be smart?

Home Automation

Your home greets you by name as you enter through the garage door in the evening. Some unseen hand begins lighting your way from the garage to the kitchen, politely turning them off after you have left the room. You ask your home to begin drawing a bath for you in your master bathroom, as you’ve had a long day. You reach into the fridge to pull out your evening drink of choice when you get an alert on your phone notifying you that your stock of said drink is running low. It then asks if you would like it added to your shopping list for your next trip to the market. You tap yes on your phone, head up to the bathroom, where the tub is already half full of water at the perfect temperature. You ask your house to dim the bathroom lights and turn on some relaxing music while you finish preparing.

All of this sounds like some science fiction wizardry, or some sort of fantastical super-intelligent artificial personal assistant from a big budget movie with an amazing British accent. But no, this isn’t some far flung dream of the future. This is now. Welcome, true believer, to the birth of the truly smart home.

3 Ways to Stay in Control during the Holidays with Control4

Use These Tech Tricks to Make the Holiday Season Easier

3 Ways to Stay in Control during the Holidays with Control4


The holidays in the North Shore of Boston can be a crazy and stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be. Home automation can help by keeping the control in your hands. As packages arrive at your doorstep in Manchester By the Sea, family and friends stop by, and you go on longer than usual shopping trips, you can use your Control4 system to handle every instance that comes up. Read this blog to learn how.


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